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Raw Materials for Rubber Industry

Indorez™ DCPD Resin

Indorez™ Hydrocarbon resin, DCPD 100-11 resin mainly used as reinforcing agent, tackifier & softener agent to improve the strength and wearing property of rubber.
This resin has excellent compatibility with other material such as natural rubber, SBS, SEBS etc. It makes tyre of low heat productivity and low hydrogen content which play a good role in tackifying and strengthening.

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OnWax Polyethylene Wax

OnWax is a polyethylene wax, having unique combination of high melting point, hardness and low melt viscosity. These characteristics enable modification of viscosity and softening point, reduces glass beads settling & provides resistance to abrasion. Thus OnWax 600200 proves to be a perfect high performance additive for Hot Melt Road Marking paints.

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EVA copolymers stand out for its excellent processability and flexibility, as well as being highly compatible with other polymers, additives, and fillers. The basic variables that determine the type and characteristics of an EVA copolymer, and consequently the characteristics of a Ho™elt are:

1. The polymers molecular weight (MW).
2. The vinyl acetate content (VA)
3. The variation of VA not only affects its compatibility with other raw materials, but also influences almost all the other characteristics such as softening point, bonding strength, specific adhesion, cost, flexibility, tenacity at low temperature, etc.

EVA - Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
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