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Morchem, S.A.

Morchem, one of the pioneers in Spain and Europe in the production of Polyurethanes.

Since the beginning and in parallel to the spectacular development of the polyurethane technology, a broad know-how and experience in the fields of flexible and rigid foams, adhesives, elastomers and coatings, among others, have been achieved.

The knowledge and experience obtained all over these years in the field of Polyurethanes is the base for the foundation of Morchem S.A. in 1985. For more information please visit

Products Listed here:

  UD 5100
  UD 5152 HRF
  UD 5154 HRF
  UD 5033 F
  UD 5037 F
  UD 5055 F
  UD 5059 HF
  UD 5061 F
  UD 5095 F
  UD 5097



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