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Global Reach

Onward Chemicals parent company, Exim Corporation is the exclusive Indian member of the INDIS Group – a global alliance of leading international distributors. Indis Group comprises about 20 international chemical trading and distribution companies who share common principles and objectives and work together to foster trade between each other.

As well as sourcing directly from one another, INDIS Group members combine marketing resources to enhance business opportunities, establish new enterprises, and share vital information to the group's benefit. Participation in INDIS is a mark of the integral strength of each member’s business. It offers access to an international network of knowledge, which complements local identity and expertise.

While every Indis member is an expert in a particular field and market, the strengths of the association are truly immense. Indis Group cumulatively represent a large reservoir of knowledge related to chemical markets, manufacturers, and products. For more information on the group, visit