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KOLON INDUSTRIES INC., SOUTH KOREA was established in 1954. In early 60’s, they set up the first Nylon fiber manufacturing plant in Korea. Thereafter, in earlier 70’s they set up a tyre cord manufacturing plant followed by Hydrocarbon Resin then Phenolic Resin plant. Since then, there has been no looking back and the company has grown into a big chemical conglomerate with several production sites in Korea and China.

In the field of Hydrocarbon they are rated in the top league amongst the hydrocarbon resins producers in the world.

Kolon has a strong presence in the rubber industry and provides a wide spectrum of products both for the tyre industry and other rubber component segments. The products range from: resins, tackifiers, tire cords, cord adhesives, aramid cords etc.

The rubber and automobile industry are interrelated and fortunately Kolon have products to carter to both the segments.

Since its inception and development, Kolon has enhanced its competitiveness in export of chemicals competing with international companies. For more information please visit   

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