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Onward Chemicals…the largest supplier of Road Marking Paint raw materials

Today, we are considered as the most trusted, experienced and the largest distributor of quality raw materials. Onward represents some of the best known manufacturers and offers some key raw materials under our own brands.

Here is a list of products we offer, ex-stock:

  • a] Indorez™ C5 Hydrocarbon Resin
  • b] Instaflex™ Type A Glass Beads, Intermix
  • c] Puretone™ Titanium Dioxide Rutile
  • d] OnWax
  • e] OnAdd Process oil
  • f] OnAdd Stearic Acid
  • g] OnAdd ED-22
  • h] EVA
  • i] Instaglo™ Type B Glass Beads, Drop On

If you need more information or an offer for any of the above products, click here